Portable Charger For Any Device place and time

Portable Charger

Charge any device at any place and time.

 Portable Charger


Portable Charger


We are pushing the boundaries of portable charger technology. Your new VersiCharge – portable charger will provide enough juice to charge an iPhone 5 from   0-100% almost 1.8 times, and an android smart phone such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 about 1.3 times from 0-100% without having to recharge the external battery. Charge your new portable charger once at night and use it throughout the day on different devices, in case you didn’t use it don’t worry your new VersiCharge holds its power for over  4 weeks and has a life span of over 2 years. Use your new portable charger with tablets, cameras, portable gaming devices, all apple, android and blackberry devices and more!

Until now, high capacity battery packs and portable chargers were too bulky and heavy to be of much use. The battery in your new VersiCharge packs a ton of power in a sleek and compact form. We use a  metal casing to give your new portable charger an edge in design and feel.  The VersiCharge can easily slip into your  backpack, purse, or pocket without weighing you down.

VersiCharge portable battery uses a smart charge feature, an on and off switch, three beautiful LED light indicators, a built in over charge safety circuit and a speed charge feature allowing you to  fully charge you devices form 45 min – 2 hours depending on your device. All for one great price!

Portable Charger


 Frequently Asked Questions Portable Charger

Yes! The VersiCharge is designed to charge all electronic devices which use a usb as a powering source. The VersiCharge comes with a micro usb cable out of the box. Our revolutionary cable has three replaceable heads for use with the most popular devices even from the new iPhone 5 to the old BlackBerry in your closet. TheVersicharge is designed to use any cable with a usb input and yes it works as an iphone 5 charger as well. You may even charge camera’s, your kindle, gaming devices and more Portable Charger

Just like you would charge a your cellphone you can charge your VersiCharge either via a usb outlet on the wall, on your computer or laptop. Once charged you have a portable power bank for all your devices on the go. Portable Charger

Depending on the type of phone you have; the VersiCharge comes equipped with 2,200mAh so charging is as  fast as 45 minutes to 2.5 hours while you use your device. For example if you were to use the portable charger as an Iphone 5 charger, the iphone 5 has around 1400-1500mah and the versicharge portable charger is 2200 mAh with charging of over 1200 mAh an hour so in around an hour you can have a gain of 80% battery life under perfect situtations.

We made the VersiCharge sleek with a full metallic casing so that we may provide our customers with the most elegant long lasting and sustainable product on the market. The VersiCharge – portable charger comes with a 500+ cycle 85% power retaining system so if used daily for more then 2 years it will still work great for your portable devices.

We care about your experience more than anything. With that in mind we created a product after years of testing usability and what customers desire. In addition, not only does your Versicharge come in a fully metallic casing but it also contains over charge protection in its circuitry, as well as 3 led lighting and a delightfully useful on and off touch switch built in to save power. We care about how you feel and we want you feeling great and looking great with your new Versicharge

Our smart 3 LED technology enables any one of our 3 LED lighting systems to turn on. While charging your phone or any other device the portable charger  emits a blue light, while you charge the VersiCharge you will see a red light and once fully charged the green light will replace the red charging light.

Portable Charger

Portable Charger

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• Perfect for all Apple devices; Androids, blackberry’s, digital cameras, and more

• USB output and MicroUSB input

• High capacity: 2200mAh

• Adds up to 40 hours of extra talk time

• Rechargeable, small, attractive, and lightweight

Great universal charger for commuting and travel

Why wait till your battery dies? Order one today!

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